Come join us in exploring autonomous maritime technology using a hands-on learning approach.

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Voltage Voyagers:

Masterminds of Maritime Automation

Our team, Voltage Voyagers, believes that the best way to learn is by doing, and we are constantly pushing ourselves to take on new challenges and discover new ways to innovate.

As we navigate the digital seas, we learn and grow together as a team, building unity and camaraderie along the way. We are also rewarded with the knowledge and experience gained through the journey of discovery.

We are excited to see where this voyage of discovery will take us.

Setting Sail for Success

We harness the power of technology to empower our team to work together efficiently, learn from our experiences and achieve our ambitious goals as we navigate the uncharted waters of marine automation.

Hannah Meisner

Dylan Rivie

Sara Rutman

Phoebe Stevens

Ellie Higel

Sierra Barbee

Madeline Fontana

Nicole Pieczonka

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